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KlangTone Records


We have started a cassette music label called KlangTone to release music by bands we like, so for this ongoing project we are the clients. We are now up to 5 releases. We are fans of labels that have a strong identity both graphically and musically.
With this in mind we wanted a slightly Germanic, Krautrock, Bauhaus feel to the standard graphics. Every cover has a solid color spine with the same type style, logo and catalogue number. The front cover leaves a little more freedom design wise.
Klangtone Logo

Above: The KlangTone logo.

As well as being graphic designers we are avid record collectors at Dot Dash so this project is an excuse to make music related graphics and release music that we like, with a quick turn over. It has been an extremely fun project.
Cassette Group
Haints Tape

Above: All Cassettes are color matched to their packaging.